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19 June, 2018

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Theo Space Miner is a physics and logic-based puzzle / arcade game. Player’s mission is to collect minerals and fuel on planets full of space machines that have different abilities. On each planet player will face a variety of space machines on his way to collect minerals. Example obstacles: gravity pusher will dislocate player in a random direction, radar will shoot a bullet in ship’s direction when it is detected. Player will also encounter machines that help him avoid obstacles - bounce pads can be used to maneuver around obstacles, transport pads will help moving the ship to positions that can’t be reached otherwise. Each planet contains new mineral type to collect and each mineral acts differently. For example Cosmica's mineral can teleport itself so that it is difficult to gather, Babata’s mineral can only be collected when visible. All those elements put together create unforgettable and unique gameplay experience full of new mechanics and puzzles to solve. Players can advance to another level by collecting all minerals and flying trough the portal. To unlock other planets the required number of fuel needs to be collected.


The first concepts of Theo Space Miner were created in the end of 2012. I worked on it in my free time. It was my first serious meeting with programming. I went through many different concepts. However, I knew that the game would be based on physics. The game was to be a small and fast project, but it grew more and more. In addition, I was not always happy with the results and often changed the graphics and gameplay. And so, after many different concepts, I created a game about collecting minerals on different planets. I changed the release date many times because as it was my first game I could not determine how much work I still need to put in to finish it. The game was finally released on July 19, 2018.


  • Physics-based gameplay.
  • 4 planets (100 levels).
  • Hand drawn backgrounds.
  • Original music and sound effects.
  • Easy to learn and difficult to master.
  • Lots of achievements to complete.
  • iCloud synchronization so your game progress will be saved across all your devices.
  • No ads or in-app purchases.


Trailer #1 YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (17MB)


About Mandigondo

Mandigondo is a one-man company created by Michał Barszczewski, focused on providing high quality entertainment.

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Theo Space Miner Credits

Michał Barszczewski
Art, Design, Programing, Music, Sound

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